This little business grew from a passion for animals and a joy for creating art.

I was born loving animals. I grew up begging for a horse, or another dog, or a cat—basically anything that could be called a “pet.” For the longest time, I thought my calling was to be a veterinarian. But after crying through just about every episode of “Emergency Vet” that came on Animal Planet, I decided that the job of a vet was not for me. I lack the stomach and emotional fortitude for that career.

I was also born loving art. I was always drawing or writing or creating. My forte was drawing horses. Because I didn’t own a horse, I drew them, read about them, dreamed about them, and drew them some more. Throughout my school years, I tried my hand at several different classes and mediums, but it wasn’t until a camera was in my hands as a young teenager that I found my true joy in art. It just “clicked.” Literally!

Around the same time that I discovered photography 12 years ago, a big black Lab wandered into my backyard and my heart. Buddy was my main muse and canine BFF for a dozen precious years. He patiently endured countless hours of doggy modeling so I could practice my art. But it was always about more than practicing with him—it was about preserving as many sweet moments as I possibly could, so I can now remember every little wonderful piece of him. Buddy truly stole my heart in a way no other animal ever has, and probably ever will. He was with me through many big life adventures, from moving out as an adult, to getting married, to moving from Florida to New Hampshire, then back to Florida again. He was my most faithful friend, quiet confidant, and treasured family member. My Bud.

As a photographer, my goal is to artfully celebrate the bond and adventures we share with our best friends. I strive to capture the personality and heart of each sweet animal that comes in front of my lens, from the energetic hiking or beach partner to the quintessential couch potato. Our pets aren’t with us long enough, which is why it is so important to have these memories captured and preserved for years to come, so we can look back with fondness as we remember the sweet friends who have given us their hearts so willingly. They deserve it.